The first year was a long journey with lots of fun but also hard work. The first sketches were played live during rehearsals. Musical arrangements were made but also deleted. Lyrics were written and changed again.

Until the point the song had the right vibe for every band member.

There wasn't a name for the band yet, but given the melancholy of the songs, the love for fine whiskey and the characters of the band members. Only one name was appropriate...

Recordings for the first album, slowly started in 2019. During 2020 the band recorded all tracks at studio Vinkwijk in a small town in The Netherlands, near the German border.

Actually an old cow shed that was transformed by Wallerbosch into his recording studio.

The cow is doing fine...

In January of 2021, the release of the first album is a fact. All songs originated from the mind of Wallerbosch.

The sketches were thrown at the band, as something to chew on for a while. The result is a rollercoaster ride from rock to pop, from funk to metal.

Sit back, don’t relax but pay attention, life bites.